Religion is a part of every day life in India, rarely a day starts in any home, office or shop without a small puja, it is impossible to avoid witnessing some sort of spiritual practice even driving along the streets, as there are small shrines and temples that appear constantly frequented, apart from the larger ones. There are also cities which have been built around their spirituality, such as Haridwar and Rishikesh, Amritsar and Varanasi. Temples about with art, in the form of sculptures and paintings, ancient and modern.

Art and literature are now also a big part of modern Indian culture and there is an ever increasing number of Art Shows and Literature Festivals taking place throughout the country. We would be happy to work these into an itinerary for you.

Sample Itineraries:
Classic Spirituality: Delhi – Varanasi – Khajuraho – Orchha – Gwalior – Agra – Delhi
Classic with a twist! Chennai – Madurai – Tanjore – Pondicherry – Chennai
Signature Itinerary: Delhi – Amritsar – Dharamsala – Pragpur – Simla – Dehradun – Haridwar – Rishikesh
Art & Literature:
Throughout the year in India there is an array of Literature Festivals and Art Shows which showcase some of the best contemporary art and literature India has to offer. Please ask us at the time of booking and we will see if there is a festival which fits in with your dates.