Of course, there are the better-known circuits which have become synonymous with travel to India. The Golden Triangle, Taj and Tigers, Kerala – God’s Own Country, are all ones you will have heard of. Many first-time travellers would like to explore these itineraries, visit the Taj Mahal and see some of the monuments that made them famous. We offer these itineraries but with a twist. By taking into account the other reasons that you may have for visiting India, we can tailor the program so that you get the best of both worlds. If your interest is cuisine, we can incorporate some of these experiences, NGO visits, walking tours into the old cities, treks into the surrounding countryside, cycle rides, a jeep safari, a hot air balloon ride. We have also devised ‘alternative sightseeing’ experiences which we believe showcase the destinations as they are, and not just by the monuments they house. Let us know what interests you and we will work it into your program.