Festivals in India despite often being boisterous and noisy affairs, are colourful, vibrant and full of joy. Many are for religious purposes and follow the lunar calendar whilst others can be for other specific reasons ie: The Jaipur Literature Festival, which has now spawned many other literature festivals around the country, trading (camel and horse fairs) and music festivals, from traditional Sufi music to the Magnetic Fields Techo Fest! To visit a festival or fair is a unique experience that will remain with you long after your departure from India. They can be the sole purpose of your trip or included as part of your tailor-made tour.  The following is a list some of our favourites.  BTW, you won’t just see the usual ‘fair’ suspects, we don’t visit the fairs which attract the hoards of tourists, rather the ones which remain pure to the original concepts. There are the most well known festivals of Diwali and Holi, but why not visit the Chandrabagha Cattle Fair, like Puskhar used to be 30 years ago? There is the Nagaur Sacred Spirit Sufi Festival and the Kumaon Literature Festival, the Balotra Horse Fair and Onam in Kerala. These are just a few, we have a whole list and will be happy to recommend whatever my fit in with your preferences and timings.